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Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning gives you an instant tan without the sun.  No UV ray, no wrinkles and no sun damage.  Our hand held spray tan system is the only one like it in the region and will give you that golden, gorgeous, most natural looking tan you've always wanted.  One of our highly trained staff will spray you ensuring custom colour and even application - with no streaks!  It is different than air brushing as this system is specifically for the use of spray tanning.  Unlike air brushing, which can take up to an hour, we are able to spray an entire body in as little as 10 minutes!

Get your spray for any special occasion, holiday, wedding, prom or vacation!  Of course you can come in on a regular basis for that golden Glo all year round!

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Our solution is a unique blend of two active ingredients:

DHA - (Dihydroxyactone) the sunless tanning ingredient that has been FDA approved for cosmetic use. DHA is a substance from fruit sugar that reacts with proteins on the surface of your skin.
Eurythrulose - a natural keto sugar which reacts with the amino acids in the skin.

When the two ingredients are combined, you will be pleased to see a streak-free, natural-looking, water-resistant tan that diminishes only as the dead skin cells flake off.

The solution is over 90% all natural, and is tinted with walnut seed extract, ensuring a beautiful brownish tan – you will NOT turn orange! It is also aloe based and contains Vitamin E to moisturize your skin leaving you feeling baby soft!

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How brown will I get?

Everybody’s skin develops its own individual colour and with our system everyone gets their very own custom colour. Some people decide to go very brown or tanned and others get just a sunkissed Glo.

How long will the tan last?

Depending on how well you prepare and care for your spray tan, your spray should last about 7-10 days. If you spray tan regularly, your skin will get used to the spray, and will hold the colour longer. Then you might need a top up every 2 weeks or so.

What should I wear?

For the spray application itself, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable with.  Some wear old bra and panties, some wear just bottoms, some (women only) wear nothing at all.  Keep in mind which outfits you will be wearing over the next week as you will be left with VERY distinct tan lines!

After your spray, it is advised to wear loose, dark clothing.  Until you have your initial shower (where the excess spray is removed), the solution will rub off on clothing.  After your initial shower, there are no concerns of your spray coming off on anything.

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There are many benefits to spray tanning, including the following;

Healthy skin / Gorgeous tan without premature aging, no extra wrinkles or brown spots / Turns into a beautiful bronze colored tan / Streak-free / Not greasy / Contains Aloe / Gives a uniform coverage / Perfect for people who never had a tan / Biodegradable / Environmentally safe / Doesn't burn your skin / Hygienic / Safe / Quick / Easy / UV Free / Lasts 7 to 10 days depending on the moisture in your skin / FDA approved for cosmetic use / Not tested on animals

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Prepare and Care

Preparing before a spray tan is crucial. What you do can mean a difference between a good and a bad spray tan.

For best results it is extremely important to completely exfoliate the dead skin cells from your face and body. Your skin has a build up of dead skin cells on top of it and the thicker the layer, the sooner your tan will rub off. Exfoliate your face and neck with a gentle peeling cream or exfoliating gel. Exfoliate your whole body with a loofah, massage mitt or brush. It is best to use exfoliates that are especially made for the tanning industry, as they will not contain any oils or moisturizers, that would stop the tanning solution from getting through. Ask us about specialty products.

Do NOT apply moisturizers, deodorants, make-up or lotions before getting your spray tan because your tan won’t last as long. You can apply a lip balm prior to tanning.

Wax or shave your legs before spray tan.

It is best to shave or wax one or two days before, as the bronzer gets into the newly created pores and can give you "spotty" look. If you shave your legs after a spray on tan, you will take off some of your tan with the hair.

Wear loose clothing after your tanning session.

It is best to wear dark loose clothes and shoes as loose as possible for your appointment, as tight fitting clothing may cause the application to rub off. Most people wear a thong during the application. That way you don't have any visible tan lines, but you will instantly see how tanned you are. If the solution rubs off on your clothing, it is easily washed off.

Don't exercise, shower or bathe for 6 - 8 hours after the application.

It is very important to stay dry! Over the course of the next 8 hours after your spray tan, you may notice your tan begin to go blotchy. Don’t panic. It is just your skin absorbing the solution at different rates. Your spray tan will all even out in the shower. When you do shower, you will see brown running off. Again, don’t panic. Your skin will only absorb so much in one session and what is running off is the excess bronzer of the spray (think of it like hair dye).

How can I maintain my sunless tan?

To increase the longevity of your sunless tan, you must keep your cells fully hydrated. As you lose skin cells, you also lose your sunless tan. We recommend using a skin pampering, hydrating treatment with a touch of self tanner. Ask us about specialty products to keep your tan looking great longer.
Also, always drink water and green tea, as DHA is activated by hydration and will keep your skin cells hydrated from the inside out.

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