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Tanning News & Events

In contrast to what the media has said, tanning - in moderation - has many positive benefits.  Here are some websites to help you make an educated decision for yourself in regards to tanning and your health.

I’m sure we all have someone in our lives, directly or indirectly, who has been affected by cancer.
Vitamin D is naturally and most effectively produced when your skin is exposed to UVB in sunlight. That energy starts a chemical reaction in your skin which produces a form of Vitamin D that your bloodstream carries to the rest of your body to be used.

High levels of Vitamin D have been proven to reduce overall cancer risks by 77%.
Women with higher Vitamin D levels are 50-70 percent less likely to develop breast cancer.
Unfortunately, many of us nowadays are deficient in this very important vitamin due to lack of sun exposure and the overuse of sunscreen. - A site created by a salon owner to showcase all the positive news regarding UV exposure and vitamin D. Anyone can add articles—you simply have to create an account. (Bonus: is also on Twitter.)

  • - The council is a California-based nonprofit, dedicated to providing information about vitamin D and supporting a variety of vitamin D-related research initiatives.
  • - Grassroots Health is comprised of a consortium of scientists, Institutions and individuals committed to solving the worldwide vitamin D deficiency epidemic through its D-Action campaign.
  • – Search news and articles about Vitamin D to find the many benefits to having adequate levels of Vitamin D and the risks associated to Vitamin D deficiency. Several articles such as how Healthy levels of vitamin D have been found to slash the risk of numerous cancers by 77 percent. How low Vitamin D levels may be the root of back pain and osteoporosis, Alzheimer disease, multiple sclerosis, and even the swine flu! Search Sunscreen to find the section on this websites that talks about the Sunscreen Myth: How sunscreens actually promote cancer!